The Fastest Way to Become an Expert in the 4-3 Defense

The 4-3 Defense has been Dominating Football for nearly 30 Years!

There’s not much that we can say has been around for 3 decades, and still works. The 4-3 Defense has been, and still is, a great defensive scheme in today’s football.

By maximizing speed on the field, the 4-3 Defense is able to keep up with the high paced Spread Offenses that are so popular today. But the use of Over and Under Fronts means that it can stand up to any attack.

After all, the 4-3 Defense was originally designed to stop the Wishbone Option!

And you don’t need big linemen to run it. I’m going to teach you how to run a tough defense with just 1 true Defensive Lineman.

Stop Running the ‘Defense of the Week’!

Does your Football Team’s defense lack an identity? Are you constantly searching from one playbook to another?

Stop! The 4-3 Defense can adjust easily to the Spread, Wing-T, Double Wing and everything in between.

Install the 4-3 Defense at Any Level of Football…

  • Youth
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College
  • Semi-Pro
  • Professional
Learn the 4-3 Defense in Hours, instead of Years!

I have put together a comprehensive course on the 4-3 Defense. And you can get it all, right now, in your own home or office. This is a huge course and a big opportunity!

My 4-3 Defense eCourse is going to show you how to use Multiple Fronts to control the Offense. The Over Front, Under Front, and Goal Line Front keep your defense well-rounded.

You’ll also see how nearly any coverage package can fit with the 4-3 Defense’s 2-High Safety look. Whether you want to run Quarters, Cover 3, Cover 2, Man Coverage or a little bit of everything, you’ll get it in the 4-3 Defense eCourse.

Techniques? Drills? We all know that Fundamentals Win Championships. So I have included plenty of the How To to get your players executing the skills necessary to Win with the 4-3 Defense.

You’ll also get my complete 4-3 Defense Blitz Package. Zone Blitzes, Man Blitzes, and Line Stunts will frustrate the Offense and force big plays.

Get the Game Plan Right for Any Offense…

  • Zone Read
  • Air Raid
  • Wing-T
  • Double Wing
  • Flex Bone Option
  • Unbalanced Offenses

… and anything else you might see! The 4-3 can adapt to it.

The 4-3 Defense eCourse is a Big Time Value for Coaches

The 4-3 Defense eCourse includes 5 HUGE Modules, each designed to dissect a major aspect of coaching the 4-3 Defense. The modules are further divided into short video clips so that you can view the materials as you have time. No real coach has time to sit around watching videos all day!

In Module 1, we focus on the Run Fits in the Over and Under Fronts. The Front 7 Defenders are what makes the 4-3 Defense unique, so we focus on that first.

Module 2 will take you through the entire Coverage Package. You can use the whole package, or select the individual coverage that is right for your team.

The Defensive Line is the focus of Module 3. How do you get those big guys to do damage to the Offensive Line? And how can we get away with playing smaller Defensive Linemen? Check it out in Module 3.

We’re bringing the Heat in Module 4 with Zone Blitzes and Man Blitzes. Don’t just get the blitzes, though. You need to know the technique to teach. And you need to know the reasons to call these blitzes! You’ll get it all.

Finally, Module 5 focuses on Game Planning with the 4-3 Defense. Get the Goal Line Package and learn when to use it. Then see how we game plan to stop the Zone Read, Air Raid, Wing-T, Double Wing, Unbalanced Formations and more.

The 4-3 Defense eCourse is a huge digital course. You’ll get access to all of the videos immediately. No waiting around for a bunch of DVD’s to arrive.

7+ Hours of Quality Video Instruction includes…

  • Diagrams of Fronts, Stunts, Blitzes and Coverages
  • Strategies for tons of situations you’ll find yourself in
  • Video Cut-Ups, actual Game Footage of the defense in action

Easily a $400+ Value!

It’s not just the 5 Module eCourse though. There’s so much more to this package. I’m trying to make sure this is the best money you’ve ever spent on a Defensive Football product.

Check out this HUGE list of bonuses…

  • 66 Page 4-3 Defense Playbook that you can print out for yourself or your players
  • 3 Complete Position Manual Power Points for Defensive Line, Linebackers and Secondary play.
  • 8 total Power Point Presentations, including a 4-3 Defense Playbook that you can edit, burn to CD and give to your own players.
  • My Weekly Drill Checklist for all positions to make sure you hit all of big fundamentals.
  • Access to the Advancements in the 4-3 Defense Web Clinic, a 75 minute presentation.
  • Drills for every position teach your players the techniques they need for success

And there is NO Risk to you. The 4-3 Defense eCourse comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not 100% Satisfied with the eCourse. You can even keep the course. No questions asked, if you are not satisfied I will refund your money.

“The 4-3 Defense eCourse was extremely helpful and well worth the money. Joe goes into great detail about how to install and run the Defense, but does it using enough general concepts and variations that just about any level of coach can understand and apply to their age group of players. Joe doesn’t box you into a strict set of rules, rather he shows you just how flexible and adaptable it can be to stop any offense. ”
Coach Ripp, DC Vista Jr. Eagles
“This product tells me exactly how I should play with the 4-3 defence. And the position manual is perfect to hand out to assistant coaches so they are teaching the same position the same way.”
Morten Junge, Hawks AFC (Denmark)

  • *BONUS MODULE* shows you how to install Multiple Fronts with your 4-3 Defense to keep your opponent guessing
  • Coaching Press Quarters added to the Quarters Coverage Package
  • Over 30 brand new drill videos to help you organize your Practice Schedule. All positions!

More Coaches’ Testimonials…

“Buying experience was painless!

I did have a few issues with the downloads (my computer) & Coach Daniel was prompt in answering my questions to help out.
Looking through what I have in a short period of time leaves me no doubt that implementing and using the 4-3 will be so much easier with the eCourse info, excellent job!”

Mark DePaola, Agawam High School (MA)
“A lot of great information in one place. Made simple for everyone. Outstanding customer service”
Brad Hillier, Santa Cruz Pop Warner